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The US army launched at dawn on Monday April 7 by order of President Donald Trump a cruise missile strike used the (59) guided missile type Tomahawk fired from two American Battleships in the Mediterranean sea targeting airport (Syrian Shuayrat airbase), it was a response to the chemical attack that carried out on Khan Shaikhoun in the countryside of Idlib province in the northeast   of Syria on Tuesday morning.

The attack on khan shaikhoun caused more than 87 deaths including 31 children and injuring 400 others in critical condition, most of which appear to have suffocated with the Sarin gas.

The al-Shuayrat airport is, which was destroyed almost entirely, the second largest military base for the Syrian army, containing aircrafts and fortified hangars for aircrafts and   areas to store fuel, logistics and ammunition stores and air – defense systems and radar, and the operation led to the killing of (6) elements of the Syrian air force associated with the brigade of defense Air, including a brigadier and smashing and made (14) aircrafts type Sukhoi   out of   service.

The operation came after the  failure of UN Security Council in its  consultations that took place after chemical strike by the aviation of the Syrian regime and in order to take deterrent measures against the regime and its  military and security  systems but the   countries of the council did not agree on anything and did not have the ability to make important  political, military and security decisions  because of the lack of compatibility among them , and in addition to the presence of the Russian veto against any resolution condemning the Syrian regime.

Hence , the United States of America has to play  its  deterrent  role , even if alone despite warnings by the Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vladimir Musafir Tkov of the American military strike   against the Syrian territory  , noting that  this operation   will lead to negative results.

And despite all the measures  and precautions and statements issued by all US officials, including President Trump , after looking at the  terrible and brutal results of  chemical strike launched by the Syrian regime ‘s aircrafts and caused many of the victims in cold blood away from the spiritual and human values , and non – observance of international laws and the rights of peoples committed a flagrant violation of all laws and conventions that prohibit the use of such  weapons specially  it was used against the Syrian people that   its  military force has  carried out a strike against  them.

And because the Russian side remained reticent but supportive of a military strike and action carried out by its ally, the Syrian regime, and condemned the US strike and considered it a breach to the International Charter and a violation of the sovereignty of a state, member of the United Nations body.
All data and evidences that accompanied the US military operation we can read it by the following:

  1. Assured thefact of theUS insistence on the follow – up to the Syrian issue and take deterrent measures against the Syrian regime when the matter is related to (humanitarian issue) that many sons of Syria are victims.
  2. Thevision of the new US administration to the nature of the former US role in dealing with the Syrian issue and that all previous attempts over the past years failed to change the behavior of the Syrian regime, a clear reference to the failure of the administration of President Obama to play its deterrent role to stop violations of the Assad regime.

3.President  Trump described Assad as a dictator and said  that he had launched a deterrent  attack by chemical weapons on innocent safe  civilians and used  a  nerve gas , and this confirms the truth of what is happening in Syria and that he condemned clearly the Syrian regime ‘s actions confirming the eligibility of the US response.

  1. US administration indicated, and by the words ofTrump that a priority for maintaining US national security and its lifetime and the interests of the United States of America are to prevent and deter the proliferation of chemical weapons and use them in all fields, especially when the target is innocent people and so the US administration considered what was achieved is a victory for justice.

5.The  strike came  to confirm the fact that  there was  no  role of Russia in the recent US elections , and it did not actually contribute to the strengthening of the status of the US president election and if so  how  can  it not take into account Russia ‘s interests on the Syrian territory and the US  has worked   by   it ‘s the military action   to strengthen the US role in the region away from its allies supporters to work in Syria.

  1. President Trump enhanced his promises and electoral speeches and proved that the field actions follow words and by his firmness  ,  potential , and  the ability  to lead the most powerful country in the world  and take decisive and deterrent  decisions that will restore America to the scene of events  in the Middle East.
  2. The military strike sent messages to North Korea and Iran that they must understand that if they threatened world peace and security and used weapons of mass destruction, they would not   be far from the American response and pre – emptive strikes.

8.This military measure will have  an  internal impact on the popularity of President Trump, especially the Republican Party members and this was clear from the statement  which was  issued by Senator John McCain and Lindh Sai Graham , who were most opposed to Trump and they sent their  messages  of greetings and admiration for his deterrent measure  against the Syrian regime  and confirmed that President Trump deserves the support of the American people.

The Iraqi Studies Unit

Translated by: Mudhaffar al-Kusairi

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center


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