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Military confrontations between the military and security Iraqi forces and elements of  Daesh continue as planned by the command of the international coalition under the direct supervision and guidance of the US Department of Defense and  its intelligence  and military services noting that after the announcement of the launch of the third phase of the Battle of Mosul on  the last February 19 ,  the features and data  of this confrontation have began to take dimensions clearer and more precise in how to conduct the field dealing with battles taking place in areas of the right coast known of its    narrow alleys and  its large  popular  markets, and  its buildings  and   adjacent houses  and the  difficulty  of moving  for any military force inside it, and in spite of all these field observations and views, but the United States insisted on dealing with the end of this stage with all its power and holdings of lethal weapons and guided missiles  and fighter and bombing  aircrafts  and forced the Iraqi military side to be away from the actual confrontation with the elements of  Daesh within a well-defined and directive plan which is seeking to end the fight with a limited time , without considering the losses and sacrifices offered by the local civilian population and without regard to increasing number of displaced people and indifference to their suffering and  that is why  all kinds of Iraqi military  commanders have initiated  to implement this plan and the adoption of the US advice that was set up by  US Defense Secretary (John Mathis), who had previously led the second battle of Fallujah in 2004 after the US invasion of Iraq and adopt a scorched-earth policy.

All the goals and the results achieved in the first weeks of the launch of the third phase of the operations of Qadimun Ya Naynawwa (we are coming Nineveh) confirm the truth of what we went to it and what we have seen and we have observed in our follow-up of events in the city of Mosul, especially the demolition and destruction operations, which affected the city’s history and heritage, markets and the houses of citizens and their own properties. We  wonder and say what  is the value of any military achievement  achieved at the remains of the victims of the civilians who are still under the rubble, and what is  the essence of the security purpose for which  executive field bodies aspire  to achieve in front of the shock of  operations of displacement and the number of citizens  and residents leaving  their  houses and  properties and their farms,  what is the reason to make the military and security commanders in the field   not change the military plans to prevent damage to the local population and make them as fuel to the fires of heavy artillery, guided missiles, and fighter jets with the treatment of indiscriminate shelling and the use of  bomb cars and drones  by members of Daesh, why  do they accelerate to end the third phase of the military operation?  Is the main goal to save the people of the city from what they are in it? Or destroy the infrastructure of their regions and their houses and markets and commercial shops? Is the purpose to work on the liberation of human being as they claim, or destroy human being?

Many of the standards have been different in the pictures of confrontation that occurred in the right coast from those that took place on the left coast and can be observed by the following:

  1. Many Americans advisors took part in offering advisory and setting goals and developing strategic plans for how to deal with the points of the concentration of the leaders and fighters of Daesh inside the right coast and make the process of support and defend assigned to them and the execution by the Iraqi field pieces.
  1. The military and security forces sought to secure its strategic objectives of access to the bank of the Tigris River from the western side of the city, specifically the cases of contact that are nearby of neighborhoods of (Tayran-Jawasaq-Aldndan) and the regions of the Corniche and buildings of courts and municipalities, and managed in the first few weeks to achieve  its goal in the control of the  three outlets of bridges (fourth-al-Hurrya-al-Hadeedi) and carry out  operations to make contact  with the left coast and abort the infiltration operations  of elements Daesh using boats across the river of Tigris  to carry out offensive  operations on the headquarters of security forces deployed in the neighborhoods of the left coast.
  1. Use systematic aerial bombardment by the international coalition aircrafts and the Army Aviation and the Iraqi Air Force with all its formations and the rate of daily sorties  were estimated by (120-130) sorties targeted places and the presence and the headquarters of the leaders of Daesh, but these fiery lava  fallen on the neighborhoods and regions and markets of right coast  have been  hitting  citizens and inflict huge  losses and sacrifices noting that  many of the flights go to the whereabouts of citizens and in buildings and mosques taken accommodation and a haven for a number of displaced families from other neighborhoods experiencing military confrontations, causing many of the victims  amounted so far more than 500 martyrs and (750 ) injured  according to  field statistics and from private sources.
  1. the main feature that still characterized by these confrontations is moving within narrow and small spaces defined by meters due  to the ferocity of the clashes and the number of spread ambushes  and the presence of snipers on high buildings, which impede the progress of field troops and to know the real features of  the region on which  the elements Daesh are fighting , for this we see that the progress process and control of the old al-Hadeedi bridge  overlooking the bank of the Tigris River  lasted for ( 3 ) days and the data issued  from the war media center  were talking in meters on the progress of military units.

5.The difficulty to achieve the goals and  taking hold of the land and carry out cleansing of improvised explosive devices and the  mined houses that put before the withdrawal Daesh fighters  and Were it not for the effort done by the command of the international coalition  represented by aerial bombardment by aircrafts and the use of the French long-range artillery ,the Iraqi military forces would not have been able to repel many of the  surprise and opposite attacks on residential neighborhoods (such as al-Tayaran –Jawasaq -Ghazlani- area  of courts –kornic of the city).

6.The rise of the proportion of displaced residents  from the sons of the right coast compared to what we have seen  at the beginning of the early days of clashes  on the left coast, bringing the number of displaced people from the neighborhoods of the right coast  per day of  (10)  thousands of displaced people and now numbering 125 thousand of displaced people and this is evidence of the ferocity and intensity of confrontations and the inability of those  who are responsible for the opening of safe corridors for locals and impatience and durability of locals and the intensification of the situation on them   of the scarcity of food and lack of medical supplies and outages of water and electricity.


  1. The continuity of advancement  of  anti-terror elements in the areas of (Mosul al-Jadidah -Aqedat-Al-Nabi Sheet- Alogwat) and its attempt to secure the status of  contact with the Axis led by federal police advanced into the city center from the bab al-Tob towards the  area (Farouk Street-bab al-jedeed-Aserjkhanh) down to their goal, a great Mosque of Al-Nouri, who delivered his famous sermon , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi  in the June 29, 2014.

8.The west axis  is among the  main axes in the overall military events that began in October 17 2016  , this axis as represented  in the presence of troops of ninth Armored Division and  formations  of Abbas division and the Brigades of Imam Ali in the    Badush area which belongs to Hamidat district and were able to achieve its strategic goal of control on the main several districts and villages of  (Tel-Rayes -aljamalih-Sheikh Mohammed-Alajafal -altheljh) and before it  the buildings of (Badush prison -gabr Ben  Hyan- Badush cement plant ), and   by this progress , the process of control over the West Bank of the River Tigris and cut all roads and supplies Daesh fighters have been achieved .

The unity of the Iraqi Studies

Translated by Mudhaffar al-Kusairi

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center


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