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Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi
There are three theses or perhaps four to form the next government in Iraq:

The first thesis: the formation of a technocratic government   of  all members  starting from  the Prime Minister to all the ministers, the advantage of this government that the minister does not enjoy with any political support and therefore if the minister   was  corrupt , he would  be held accountable with ease by the parliament and unseat him , in this case, the representatives of political parties will be Members of parliament who  they  will be the monitoring  body of the performance of the ministry in general and each minister’s performance in particular.

The second thesis: to keep the government and the political quotas, defenders of this thesis claim that the minister needs to be a political base of his political bloc and otherwise  the minister would be  weak and can not achieve a lot and forced to submit to the will of the various political blocs represented in Parliament.

The third  thesis: the formation of political majority government, where it is the adoption of this thesis by the finest democratic systems in the world, noting that  in developed countries, there are several political parties and each party presents its political program and are voting and the election by the citizens on the basis of the political program of the party,  but the political situation in Iraq  is radically different from the other countries of the democratic world, unfortunately the Iraqi political parties do not generally have a clearly defined political program, although it has such a program it is in most cases remains a program in theory and on paper, unfortunately,  the citizen in Iraq  do not look on the political program although there has been an ambitious political program that can be applied. The majority of Iraqi citizens only think to elect the one who responds to its community  and racism, noting that   the Shiite elect Shiite and Sunni elect Sunni and Kurdish elect Kurdish, even if  he was bad and corrupt.

The majority government in Iraq will mean the Shiite majority government, and will be joined by some Sunnis who  are worthless but their dependency , and all they have to  satisfy the Shiite ruling, this will be the Shiite government similar to Saddam’s government Sunnis that the Shiites participated  in it   were followers who are concerned   only  to satisfy Saddam, the likes of Hassan Al-Ameri- al-Sahaf  and the likes , we will not accept that we  eliminate  the Sunni Saddam   to come Shiite Saddam . Iraq could not get up so that citizens feel all that they are alike,  we will not accept that there should be a citizen of the first-class and second-class citizen, the Sunni must  feel  that there is no difference between him and the Shiite and Kurdish, only then can we expect advancement, progress and prosperity for our country.

The system of government in Lebanon is  the most prestigious democracy in the region since 1920 before independence and since 1943 after independence, but in Lebanon, as in Iraq, the Shiite elected Shiite and Christian elected Christian and Sunni  elected the Sunni  as well as the Druze elected Druze, so with a long history of democracy in Lebanon, they did not form a government of political majority since the founding of the Lebanese entity by more than ninety years until today, so  our democracy will not be  better than the Lebanese democracy, at least in the foreseeable future, but with so Iraq is more than  Lebanon qualified for the elimination of sectarianism and  end it , and this is what I expect and hope  in the near term with  God willing and conscious efforts of the sons of our homeland.

Tre fourth  thesis :  to look for the competent and honest to rule the country, whether those of technocrats  who are not politicians  or politicians; we can not guarantee the integrity  if all  government consist of technocrats , how much  from the corrupt ministers   from technocrats have come since 20033 , and  the political arena  is not empty of  competent and honest politicians , but that can not be achieved in a practical in coming of fixed Government with all its ministers for four years, you should review the performance of each minister and assess the degree of integrity and efficiency once a year, so if there is  a note on his integrity and  all those who had performed poorly can be  replaced; it must be followed a policy that  does not allow the minister to be corrupt  , then  more  than  a global consulting firm can be appointed  to carry out   global specifications and conditions of the tender for each project  that its  price  is more than  one million dollars  for the establishment of a project or supply of any ministry or province, or others, and are  developing global mechanisms for selection of efficient companies , and then  we  will not find any slow project  (where there are more than nine thousand slow project due to corruption and to bring projects to the inefficient companies but ensure the commission for the minister or the governor or the decision maker ),  so any minister will not be able  to spoil or steal ,  the differentiation is limited only on the efficiency of the minister and no more , and this is what we hope in the near future, God willing.

Paragraph of his lecture of Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, in  discussion panel hosted by the Advisory Board for the development and reconstruction in Britain in the hall for Humanitarian Dialogue (February 2017) on the above subject.

Translated by: Mudhaffar al-Kusairi

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center


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