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Saudi Foreign Minister Adel has made a rare visit to Baghdad as the high –ranking Saudi official since 1990 . al-Saudi diplomacy has surprised all Arab and regional political circles by the visit of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al – Jubeir to Iraq in February 25, 2017 since it constitutes a clear development in the future of Iraqi –Saudi relations and an important turning point in the future of the Arab-Arab relations in a new challenge experienced by the Arab nation and its surroundings from the dangers and challenges threaten the unity and safety of its territories and the future of its generations.

The visit has come to outlines the features for a new relationship and the fact that everyone has to deal with it by awareness and knowledge of the nature of the Saudi policy in the region, its objectives and its quest to support and strengthen the Arab house against the Iranian ambitions and influence , which is a major obstacle in the development and revival of the Arab nation and preserve it that it was matched in deed and support by what the Zionist entity is doing of settlement projects and objectives aimed at the Palestinian people in its land, unity and undermining of the Arab nation and to weaken it and work actively to the fragmentation and control of it .

And we see on a visit of al-Jubeir a lot of meanings and indications that we can to conclude and observe it as follows:

1.The visit has come in an important and sensitive time when the Iraqi-Saudi relations are experiencing a major crisis where mutual statements and political bickering have been risen and they were marked by the escalation sought by previous governments, specifically the Maliki government that was not willing to strengthen the Arab role in Iraq and opening up to the Arab countries.

2.The viewpoint of Saudi leadership of Iraq as animportant country and a dearneighbor that it constitutes a strategic depth for the Arab people and the impervious gate to face the tide of Iranian influence and it is in its move this but confirms the fact of the Arab identity of Iraq and work to return it to its Arab environment and serious deal with all the Arab nation ‘s issues in order to achieve the desired integration in the promotion of the leading Arab and Islamic role of Iraq .

3.This visit confirmed two distinct characters enjoyed by the Saudi leadership which are wisdom and rationality and understanding of the Arab reality and what is happening in Iraq and what surrounds it from the huge dangers and what its people is experiencing of rupture and fragmentation due to the US invasion and its consequences and the Iranian influence and control.

4.Working to contain the Iranian influence in Iraq and trying to alert officials in Baghdad for an imminent threat to Iraq due to the aggressive policies of Iran and trapping the Iranian project in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran and wherever the Iranian arms have been extended .

5.The importance of strategic and security coordination between Baghdad and Riyadh in the face of terrorism that has ravaged the Arab region and the Middle East, and the Saudi Arabia is keen on approaching Iraq regarding the existence of numbers of armed militias linked to Iran, near the Iraqi-Saudi border, specifically in Nikhaib which pose a threat to the security of the Kingdom and promote the strategic , security and expansionist objective for Iran and its affiliated militias and to stop the statements issued by some leaders of the militias, which calls for the face of Saudi Arabia or expansion within its territory.

6.There are many of the security issues that investigated by the security and intelligence Iraqi organs and led to the arrest of many Saudi citizens and were sentenced by the Iraqi judiciary of the different sentences and are still in Iraqi prisons and Saudi authorities demanded them by sending them to it, and this file is among the hot files in the relations between the two countries.

7.Saudi Arabia confirmed that it is at the same distance from all the Iraqis and this deepens the correct Arab vision for a unified Iraq away from political sectarianism made by the American invasion of Iraq and the successive governments resulted from it and away from the wrong axis and policies that have weakened Iraq and kept it out of its Arab brothers.

8.Saudi Foreign Minister is addressing Everyone that he is talking from Baghdad Arabism which he confirms the authenticity and affiliation of this genuine Arabic country , the owner of the historic civilizations that ruled the Arab world and that all the hands, arms and projects that are trying to undermine the Arab identity of Iraq will fail and doomed to perdition.

9.To deepen thebonds of economic relations between Baghdad and Riyadh to open new border crossings and the renew the old ones of them to move the wheel of reconstruction and construction in Iraq and to develop the process of the financial investment and support of the Iraqi economy in the face of challenges to positively affect the Iraqi people and return to practice their role in a free and dignified life.

10.To contribute to the reconstruction of the regions and the provinces affected by the military operations and armed clashes that took place on its territory and caused the devastation and destruction of its infrastructure and meet all the requirements that would restore life to these areas and ensures the return of their people to their homes and properties and farms.

Is Baghdad seeks to deal seriously with this visit in order to achieve the higher interests of the Iraqi people away from political bickering for some political blocks and officials noting that Abadi is working to take serious steps to open new horizons in the relationship with the Arab brothers, especially Saudi Arabia and strengthen the objectives of this visit by a similar visit and meeting Saudi leadership or he will be subject to many of the views and attitudes that restrict his movement and to foil his internal, Arab and regional policies? This is what we will see in the coming days.

The unity of the Iraqi Studies

Translated by Mudhaffar al-Kusairi

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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