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Back again to put the issue of Qatari kidnapped fishermen behind the closed doors in Iraq and to remind it that On 16 December of the last year, gunmen kidnapped , on aboard of four- wheel drive vehicle , 26 people from Qatari hunting group that was camping in a desert area of Muthanna province in southern Iraq , nine people were released , “according to the story by the Iraqi government.”

It is true that the kidnappings spread widely in Iraq after 2003, either for political purposes or to swap a ransom, but that the abduction constituted a milestone, because the target ones were the princes of the Qatari ruling family.

The kidnapping comes completely in coincidence with polarization taking place in the regional environment, especially after the outbreak of the Syrian people’s uprising against the regime of Bashar Assad and Qatar was standing along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey to demand the departure of the Syrian president from the rule whether through diplomatic settlement or leave by the military force, and support of the State of Qatar to the legitimacy of Yemen represented by Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the participation of the State of Qatar in the Arab alliance in the process of the decisive storm against Shi’ite Iran’s allies in Yemen, and the pursuit of the State of Qatar with the new leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under King Salman bin Abdulaziz, in the exercise of Arab role in Iraq to curb Iranian influence, after that the Arab countries found out their strategic mitake which occurred and of that there is no Arabic agenda in dealing with Iraq after the stage of former President Saddam Hussein, in other words, the absence of an Arab vision to the US occupation of Iraq, which put Iraq fully under Iranian influence .

In spite of the intensity of these polarizations, but the Qatari government since the first day of the kidnapping has been active in diplomatic mediation for the release of its kidnapped nationals in Iraq and for that it maintained its endeavor first with official in charge of the Iraqi file in Hezbollah – Iraq Sheikh Alcauthrana, and second with some Iraqi traders close to the Qatari Ambassador who is not resident in Iraq, and the third with some respected political figures in the Iraqi society , noting that these figures managed to hold talks with Iraqi Hezbollah battalions that continued for several weeks, but the talks and mediation failed to reach a settlement for the Qatari hostages crisis in Iraq . With the lengthening of abduction, it is clear that the motives of the abduction destination were not physically that could be paid by some Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia but for political and sectarian motives .

On November 26 last year, the Iraqi Council of Representatives enacted the law of the popular crowd, which was considered “popular crowd body and its forces a formation enjoys with moral personality , and is part of the Iraqi armed forces and associated to the general commander of those forces. This formation and its members are subject to military laws in force from all respects. And its members also enjoy with all the rights and privileges guaranteed by military law and other relevant laws. And it identifies tasks of the formation, and parts and units and their property, and other administrative and technical, financial and organizational affairs, under the system issued by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. ”

Here we wonder would this law that speeds up the solution of the Qatari kidnapped crisis in Iraq ,the fact that the armed faction that has kidnapped them is one of the popular crowed factions and whether the faction will be handed over to the Iraqi government and be placed in an Iraqi prison , for example, Abu Ghraib or Nasiriya and will the armed faction to leave the matter of negotiation to Iraqi foreign ministry with regard to the fate of the Qatari abductees.

Questions posed by the Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic studies.

The one who has the answer to respond to it .

In addition to these questions posed by Rawbet Center and to the importance of this subject, which hurts the sovereignty and the reputation of Iraq, which can not provide protection to nationals of Arab and foreign countries, whether visitors or residents at home , so the Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies continued its pursuit of the latest developments in this case which are as follows :

First: According to private information obtained by our center, negotiations had been conducted between the Qatari government and the kidnappers as the second asked the first in order to release the Qataris Abductees, it is required to release of detainees from the Lebanese Hezbollah and Shiite militias to the Syrian armed factions, but factions did not respond to the Qatri pressures on it .

Second: According to intelligence information obtained by our center, the hijacked body has demanded from the Qatari government the release of Shiite prisoners from the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. The question here what is the relationship between the Qatari abductees in Iraq and the Shiite prisoners in these countries , whether they are imprisoned for political or criminal cases? These prisoners are citizens of those countries and not from the Iraqi nationals if we want to discuss this matter, or that the sub “Shiite” identity is the main motive for this request? It means they have no value to the concept of the state and the citizen, citizenship, we still do not realize that globalization is a trans-national but also the sectarianism to become a trans- homelands also, this matter is unacceptable and at the same time threatens for a severe danger in the near future.

Third, according to private information obtained by our center, the kidnappers allowed several months ago to one of a Qatari abducted fishermen of making telephone contact with his family in Qatar, he told them that he was alive and in good health.

Rawbet Centre for Research and Strategic Studies sees it is necessary to solve the Qatari abductees crisis in Iraq as soon as possible, and the style of kidnapping civilians not to be away to achieve gains, and that innocent civilians do not have to pay the price of political contradictions and acute polarizations in the region .

The unity of the Iraqi Studies

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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