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With good news of the announcement of starting the operations of liberation of the city of Mosul , the command of the international coalition has escalated its air operations targeting of places , sites and the presence of fighters (state organization ) within the city of Mosul and its suburbs and towns and areas surrounding it and observed a number of important and strategic sites, which constitute an extremely field importance for fighters of the organization and managed to inflict human and material losses on it, and proceeded to tighten its control over the (Qayyarah base) and started the process of the preparation and rehabilitation to be able to sustain the momentum of the battle toward the tactical targets inside the city of Mosul.

The military columns of the security and military forces and regiments of Nineveh province police emergency started to concentrate to protect the international line linking between the districts of Baiji -alherquat down to the junction of Qayyarah and to secure protection to the concentrated military forces which are expected to arrive to join and enhance the advanced force from the Makhmour across the floating bridge, which was built a week ago by the military engineering effort to encircle the enter of the district of Qayyarah from all sides and thus put a field military plan that enables the advancing forces from entering the center of the district of Qayyarah and expel fighters (state regulation) and strengthen the presence of the security forces and regiments of emergency of Nineveh province, and fighters of anti-terrorism forces to begin in the second page, towards the city of Mosul .

Based on the field and accurate information , the rawabetcenter for Research and Strategic Studies managed to obtain it from private and important sources shedding light on the most important combat events achieved on the battle fronts in the sector of operations of Mosul , as follows:

1- In time of 500 on July 15, 2016 a Bridging regiment proceeded to build a floating bridge that links between the two banks of the Tigris River between the village of Haj Ali in the east and the village Ajehlh in the west.
2- In time 1215 on July 15, 2016 , the installation of the floating bridge was completed with 236 meters long and 4.5 meters width with installation of 32 intermediate pillars and 2 side pillers.
3- In time of 715 on July 17, 2016 an explosive device was exploded targeting vehicle of a regiment of anti-terrorism of Diyala on the road between Qayyarah base and Tlul Alpag and the incident led to the injury of two officers and (5) fighters and damage to the vehicle.
4- In time 1100 on July 17, 2016 , fighters of the (state regulation) attacked a number of fighters of two battalions of counterterrorism belong to the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin charged with clearing the district of Qayyarah by ( guided thermal missile), and this incident led to the death of (4) fighters and the destruction of the vehicle type ( Anturnash). time 500 on July 18, 2016 , troops of ( battalion 1 , brigade 72 and battalion I brigade 91 with a company of HQ of brigade 71 and the battalion 3 of brigade 71 and battalion of commando of the operations command of Ninawa and brigade 37) to liberate the villages (Eastern and Western Alaosjah). time in 1440 on July 18, 2016 , it was liberated the villages (Eastern and Western Alaosjh) and incurring fighters of the (state organization ) of the (40-50) the dead and the destruction of (two bomb cars and a car carrying mortar 82 mm ) with the killing of (2 fighters from battalion1 brigade 72 and wounding one fighter of the company HQ of brigade 71 and one fighter from the brigade72 and 6 fighters from battalion 1 brigade 72 and one fighter from battalion 3 brigade 71 and 3 fighters from battalion 1 brigade 91).

On July 18, 2016 , the US Aviation participating within the command of the International Alliance has implemented (41) air sorties within the sector of Nineveh operations, as follows:
1- it has implemented (5) sorties on Makhmour area led to the death of (5) fighters from the (state organization ) and wounding one fighter and destroying one vehicle and 2 mortar detachments .
2- it has carried out (32) air sorties on the area (Tel Abth) that have killed 31 fighters from the (state organization) and injury (2) fighters and destruction (20) rocket launchers , and (10) Water boats of 2 defense positions and sabotage ( 3 )supply routes and one bike.
3- It has carried out one air sortie on the area (Shura) led to the deaths of 10 of the fighters of the (state organization ) and the destruction of a single building.

These preparations indicate to us the keenness of the international coalition to sustain the momentum of confrontation with the (state organization ) and weaken its power by increasing strikes to tighten the control on it and the targeting of its supply routes and the movement of its fighters.

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