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With the first launch of operations to liberate the district of Fallujah, preparations and the development of military and tactical plans and perpetuate field consultations by the command of the international coalition were started to announce the launch of starting of the first pages of the liberation of the city of Mosul and its suburbs from the elements of (Daash) and the military and security services embarked to prepare their fighters and formations of combat and prepared it to be launched towards the regions surrounding and nearby areas and districts of the Nineveh province, noting that the military field is a strategic importance in the success of these steps represented by the following:

1.To define field locations to the first axis of Makhmour area where it is considered as a breakthrough that will determine the ranges of progress towards the villages and boroughs of the region of Qayyarah south of the city of Mosul and columns of this axis proceeded to advance towards villages (Nasser -alhaj Ali) , these are formations belonging to the counter- terrorism services , and they are (the Najaf-Battalion , Salahuddin Battalion ,Mosul Battalion) and units that are concentrated with the ninth military division and to advance towards the goals set for it.

2.the second axis of pages of operations to liberate Mosul is the maintenance of the backing and support for the success of military plans such as providing the field and front support of it to be the beginning of advancing of the military units from the junction of Baiji to achieve its specific goals toward Sharqat district Center and to get fighters of (Daash) out of it and enhancing the operations of advance to be parallel to the military activities advancing at the center of Makhmour axes toward the center of the Qayyarah district. order to give strategic and tactical importance in achieving the ultimate goal of potential military operations to abort and getting out the last fighter of (Daash) and foil their plans and pursue them and target them in their hideouts and their hide-holes , the security and military forces started backing flight international coalition in DC terrorists positions in the Jebel Makhoul areas considered as the main strongholds for the presence of fighters (Daash) and axes for theier setting off towards sectors of Paiji and Sharqat and the concentrated military convoys managed to achieve its field goals and clear the area and driving away all of the terrorists from it .

4.the field and active participation by the command of the international coalition is to provide advice and intelligence and field data and aerial maps of the sites and the presence of the leaders of (Daash) as formations of special forces belonging to the commands of the international coalition started to implementation of offensive operations targeted the movement of the group’s leaders, which form an important and strategic factor reflected positively on the movement of military units and the success of its plan and confusing (its fighters) and foil their movements in the treatment of air and field shocks and activities and its withdrawal from several important areas.

Based on accurate field information , the Rawabet center for Research and Strategic Studies was able to obtain it from private and important sources to shed light on the most important of combat activities achieved on the battlefronts in Sharqat and Qayyarah sectors, as follows:

On June 26, 2016 it was performed the following combat tasks:

1.several patrols of Baiji police station proceeded the implementation of the duty of reconnaissance to inspect Makhoul power station (33 kV), which was returned after driving away fighters of (Daash) from Mount Makhoul area which was liberated by the fighters of the Battalion of counter- terrorism in Najaf and showing that there is no damage on it and it is now under the protection of military units and fighters of the popular crowd.

2. the international coalition aircrafts carried out several sorties to hit sites of “Daash” according to the following: perform (3) missions to the district of Sharqat Center destroying (3 supply lines) of the fighters organization with the vehicle of their movements. carryout (17) sorties on the Baiji sector, killing 17 terrorists and injuring others and destroying (two lines of organization supply) and blow (4) bomb wheels and hit two caches of weapons and the destruction of shelter and hitting site of plant for booby-trapping wheels.

3.targeting Qayyarah Airport with (two sorties) killed detachment of the organization consists of (4) elements and destruction of the wheel and the bomb truck .

4.targeting a water boat bomb vehicle and two excavators belonging to the organization in the district of Sharqat center and destroy a gathering site for its fighters.

5.targeting Village of (Haj Ali) of the district of Qayyarah with (two sorties) killed (6) of the elements of “Daash” and the destruction of the wheel and launch platform .

f . targeting Baiji sector with (8) sorties killed (8) of the elements of the organization and injuring two elements and destroy armored vehicles and (2) fuel tankers and mortar base for launch.

1.fighters of headquarters ( battalion 1- brigade 72) to respond to an attack by its fighters, killing 5 and injuring 10 of its fighters and destroying a single wheel.

2.on the date of June 25, 2016 it was performed the following combat tasks:

3.Implementing (10) overflights in areas (Sultan Abdullah Alqabusseh –alhaj- Ali) led to the deaths of 26 of its fighters and destroy (6) military zones and two mortars and position of defending.

4.Carrying out (2) sorties on the Tel-Rayes area on the outskirts of the city of Mosul, killing 20 of its fighters and destroying (5) buildings belonging to them and plant for booby-trapping of wheels and (2) a fuel tankers , and excavator and lift truck .

Will we see the perpetuation and continuation of the process of coordination between the leadership of the World Alliance and the Iraqi military, security forces that are enough to accelerate the liberation of the city of Mosul and sectors belong to it , or we’ll see a stop and the difference between the allies because of the participation of the popular crowd fighters in operations, and refusal of the US side on the contribution of any faction with sectarianism or ethnic tendency in military operations towards Mosul ??.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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