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Fighting continues and military convoys are advancing in combat axes that shaped the battle of Fallujah as it enters its second week after the city was besieged from its four directions with a presence of large numbers of fighters, military vehicles and equipment backed by air planes of the international coalition and with ground help and support to prepare the field military plans and provide advice and security , intelligence and military consultations by US and Iranian advisers.
This military intensive presence , which exceeded , in the number of its fighters , equipment and mechanisms , any existence and advance in the field and on all fronts of combat taking place in Iraqi cities , which are still suffering from the military conflicts and armed clashes before the battle of Fallujah, but it has done for several reasons and objectives prior to the process of preparation to enter Fallujah , and can be read as follows:

1.The timing of the operation and the preparation of the battle was made under unprecedented political crisis witnessed and experienced by the Iraqi government and the political parties and influential blocs in running the country noting that the last months of 2016 witnessed numerous and ongoing sit – ins and demonstrations in the city of Baghdad and some towns in the center and southern Iraq demanded reforms and the ministerial change and the fight against corruption and accountability of the negligent and thieves of influential people in the government of ministers, MPs and politicians.

2. The past few months witnessed a unique case of the images of civil disobedience and clear development in the People ‘s requirements and voices are risen demanding a change of government and its ministers , but it has reached to storm the Iraqi parliament building and the prime minister, led the security and military authorities to deter the demonstrators and the use of armed force to hit the uprising masses by weapons and the use of tear gas ,which is the first case occurred during the confrontation in the al – Abadi presidency.

3. Baghdad suffered from a clear security breach and a collapse in the work of the security and intelligence institutions when the Iraqi capital Baghdad witnessed several explosions in civilian gatherings places , and markets and trade shops targeted civilians, inflicting many casualties, andthis scene was reflected negatively on the nature of the relationship between the members of the political blocs that reached to the degree of accusing each other of being behind the bombings and supporting it.

4. The deterioration of the security situation and weak of the institutions that are responsible for providing protection within the city of Baghdad, led the leaders of armed militias to direct its members to spread in the streets of the capital to provide protections for civilians and state institutions as we saw in the (Saraya al-khurasani) to protect the green Zone and places surrounded it and to ensure the protection of Sadr city and charges from (Saraya peace) .

5. The battle of Fallujah has come to form an exit for the Government of Abadi and saving it from falling and the charges against it and to protect the political parties and blocs and its heads from calls for reforms and the expulsion of the corrupt ones and the prosecution of politicians.

6.The government of Abadi raised a clear and field slogan which is ( no voice is louder than the voice of the battle) , thus it proceeded to follow the ways of putting out the fire of sedition and put out a political fire that could have happened between the elements and the leaders of armed militias in Baghdad after a lot of accusations and charges to each other about the responsibility for the events of security breaches and an escalation of bombings in the Iraqi capital (Baghdad) .

7.The government of Abadi was able to recruit Iraqi street in Baghdad with its voices and masses and popularity of the demonstrations and guidance of it for the battle to come to keep away the specter of bombings, killings and daily intimidation about it and also as the media and military services of the government described it as if that the battle of Fallujah and the entering of the military and security forces to it and ending the turmoil within the city is a priority for achieving the expeditious security in and around Baghdad.

8.The operation of starting to advance toward Fallujah enhanced the state of solidarity and mutual assistance among all the heads of blocs and political parties and parliamentary leaders , and this is what we have seen with the political mobilization pursued by these parties when preparing for the battle of Fallujah.

Will these alliances, agreements and unify of the visions to continue about a radical political reform in the country in the light of the field data of the battle of Fallujah ? Or we’ll see that the political investment of the battle of Fallujah would be temporary and circumstantial and short – term? That ‘s what we will pursue in the coming days.

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