‘We assumed everyone else was dead’ – Mosul family rescued after being trapped under rubble for 21 days


(The Telegraph newspaper) Carrying eight black body bags, Walid Ibrahim Khalil led rescue workers to the spot his house once stood.

Twenty-one days earlier it had been levelled by three coalition air strikes, burying his entire family under the rubble.

Mr Khalil, 46, had been standing in the doorway when the bombs fell on his home in Mosul’s Old City on June 30. He was thrown clear by the blast, but his wife, two brother-in-laws, three children and two grandchildren had been hiding in the basement and were not so lucky.

Looking at his flattened house behind him, he assumed them all dead.

Every day he begged Civil Defence workers to help him recover them, but with ISIS snipers still in the area they were unable to reach their street.

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