(The Daily Mail newspaper) Mosul residents have described the horrific scenes after a coalition air strike tore through the al-Jadida area, leaving more than 200 people dead.

Witnesses recalled seeing several houses on the street flattened and severed limbs scattered in the rubble.

Frantic residents scrambled to pull relatives out of the collapsed homes, where they had sheltered from bombardments.
In the battle to recapture ISIS-held Mosul, US-led coalition bombs landed on March 17.

U.S.-led military commanders supporting the Iraqi forces acknowledged on Tuesday that the air strike is likely to have played a role in the civilian deaths in the al-Jadida district, but said ISIS could also be to blame.

The Ministry of Defence indicated there was nothing to suggest the RAF were involved in the raid that led to the civilian deaths.
But Iraqi officials have been more cautious and instead blamed explosive booby-traps set by ISIS.

Recounting the day Abu Ayman told Reuters: ‘I ran to my next-door neighbour’s house and with others we managed to rescue three people, but at least 27 others in the same house were killed, including women and children of relatives who fled from other districts.

‘We pulled some out of rubble, using hammers and shovels to remove debris. We couldn’t do anything to help others as they were completely buried under the collapsed roof.’

He added: ‘We were locked inside our houses as bombing intensified. The air strikes targeted four streets just behind Rahma hospital and Fathi mosque.

‘A few fighters were moving from house to house, using the holes they made before to avoid detection from the air.’

Witness Sameer al-Taie said: ‘After the bombing stopped, I went outside to see what happened and I was stunned to see the house was flattened.

‘Neighbours were hysterically shouting for help but we didn’t have anything to remove the large blocks of concrete to rescue people. We heard faint voice asking for help from nearby houses but then the voices disappeared.’


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