Rates of preparations for the coming battle of Mosul are rising and the field plans are made and security and military forces are deployed and the Americans and British advisors are participating from all countries, which numbered (7) Thousands consultant and field officers , all this in order to ensure the success of the operation and readiness to address all military, political and economic conditions beyond the stage of elimination from (Daesh),in which all parties seek to achieve its interests and its strategy in Iraq and the Middle East.

Hence ,we believe that the leadership of the international coalition, represented by the United States of America has taken and put several stages as it deems necessary for the success of the operations and the use of the concept of (clean battle) that to be performed in less sacrifices to keep lives of the civilians and their places , their houses , their property and their city, and we can read the political and military scene according to the following scenarios :

1.Many of the reports came about the use of the organization (Daesh) of chemical mustard gas in the face of American and Iraqi troops located within Qayyarah base and its surroundings noting that there was no one being hurt as a result of the launch of this material and in fact we see it as the test balloons due to the lack of release any statement of field , political and military official from any of the entities participating in the coalition to confirm this information and that we see it as they are within the contexts of military and political media work to give an image taking advantage of it for the concentration of the largest number of troops and give a clear picture of the methods followed by the (Daesh) in the coming confrontation.

2.Recently , report issued by the British Ministry of Defense referring to the possession of the organization (Daesh) to the ground-to-air missiles to confront and address warplanes and drones , and this information is an extension of what is stated in paragraph (1) of our article and therefore we say it is possible that (Daesh) may got a sophisticated and advanced weapons, especially seized during its battles inside Syrian territory, but we have not seen or witnessed dropping any fighter aircraft by the organization for the duration of its presence on the Iraqi and Syrian territories and the continuing of its military confrontations and all this news comes in the context of political and tactical trends and indicators.

3.All parties involved in the leadership of the international coalition and some leaders of the regional countries confirm for the imminent start of the Battle of Mosul and all references to it are in the month of October 2016 and the last to talk about the timing of the battle, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but he went away and select it in the nineteenth day of next month, this indicates that everyone wants to be an important part in a coming military battle that its features have become the international -regional confrontation more than a confrontation between two parties (Daesh) and military and security Iraqi forces.

4.the continuation of special operations carried out by US and British special forces against the leaders of the organization (Daesh) in all axes of engagement and confrontation over its presence and we can monitor these events through the following names, who are the most prominent leaders of the group :

A. killing the second man in the command of (Daesh) inside Libyan territory called (Abu Umar Al- Tunisia) and he was in charge of and the prince of the courts of the organization.

B. killing ( Taha Subhi Falaha ), known as (Abu Mohammad al-Adnani) spokesman of the organization inside Syrian territory, and one of the most prominent leaders of (Daesh) since its inception.

C. killing (Abu Hafs al-Baghdadi) , south of Kirkuk province, one of the first row leaders of the organization and is responsible for all military attacks on oil fields and facilities .
D. killing ( Hadher Mohammed Ali Hassan Alsqlaoa) in the industrial area in the center of the city of Mosul, he is a field commander of the province

( wylayat) of Nineveh and among the most important leaders in the field to sustain the momentum of the battles.

E. killing (Wael Adel Hassan Salman al-Fayadh) , he is in charge of media near the Syrian city of Raqqa and the supervisor of producing strips of Video, which includes operations and activities of the organization.

These military field events and special operations against the leaders of Daesh which have the force of influence and clout on the organization constitute actual response that assist the international coalition forces to continue its preparations and sustain the momentum for the next battle.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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