The US administration continues to intensify meetings with political and military officials of Iraqis in preparation for the coming battle of Mosul and in this endeavor, the White House has announced for the anticipated meeting of US President Barack Obama with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the sidelines of the UN meetings this month.

In the analytical and field reading, we see that things are to be discussed at this meeting falls within the following themes:

1.The endeavor of US administration to confirm its position of refusing the participation of the popular crowd forces and armed militias affiliated to the Iranian regime, and support Abadi in the face of Iranian pressure exerted by the leaders of the popular crowd and abort the Iranian role seeking to find a foothold on the field arena of the Battle of Mosul.

2.Abide by the guidance of the US administration and informing Abadi to the need to resolve all outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil and considering the priority now is to mobilize all efforts that help to ensure the success of the battle of Mosul, leaving aside differences and unify the vision and goals for an end to terrorism in Iraq.

3.To take into consideration and calmly dealing with the recent Turkish statements on the lips of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or political and military officials in the Turkish government in a realistic way and a unified security and a military prospective after the Turkish announcement of the existence of a field military’s efforts to participate in the liberation of the Syrian City Alriqa and the Iraqi city of Mosul earlier of the next month and the statements of some leaders of Iraqi political blocs and leaders of the popular crowd, which demanded the need for the withdrawal of Turkish military units from northern Iraq and away from the areas near vicinity of the city of Mosul , otherwise they will face special operations by the popular crowd fighters and this is what was referred to in a statement issued by the bloc of law headed by Nuri al-Maliki.

4.Emphasis the beginning of the Battle of Mosul in the early days of next October and after the completion of the US forces for all field preparations on the ground and sending American officers and advisers to Qayyarah base and strengthen it by air aviation and regarded the base as the first launch of the announcement of the military activities within the sectors of operations to liberate Mosul .

5.To appoint a new US military commander in Iraq who is (Stephen Tostad) who became the commander in chief of US forces, which oversees the fight against terrorism in Iraq and is known for his expertise to wage war on the cities and the counter-insurgency and implementation of military operations and this is a clear indication of the readiness of the United States to carry out the operation in early next month .

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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