The U.S administration has sought to escalating rates of its confrontation with Daash organization by using all methods and techniques that enable them to abort the project of the terrorist organization for the expansion and foil its plans and strategy, which enable it to begin to control and influence and find ways and means to drain the sources of the economic and financial funding to it and weaken the infrastructure that the organization seeks to sustain and strengthen it , thus expanding the ranges of the security and intelligence work and implementation of special operations against the group’s leaders and weaken the morale and combat elements that have become clear through a variety of field-withdrawal operations in areas controlled by it inside Iraq.

For these reasons the press conference of the US President Barack Obama has come, who was held in the corridors of the US Department of Defense on the third of August in 2016 after his talks at the ministry’s headquarters with senior military commanders in the conduct of military operations against ISIL.
In the field informational careful reading , we can score the most prominent remarks made in the talk of the US president, by which we can to determine the most important tracks to be adopted by the US administration in consultation with the leadership of the international coalition in the coming confrontation with the organization in accordance with the following data:

1. to emphasis the spirit of international cooperation and solidarity between the United States and its European allies in NATO and the escalation of military operations in the face of the fighters of the organization , using the best military technology in the field confrontation and increase air operations targeting places , dens , the headquarters and camps of the organization within the Iraqi and Syrian territory.

2. The facts have proven on the ground that the confrontation to ISIL and fighting it is possible and then defeat it and this is a clear sign of the field superiority of the Allies in all the battlefields and specifically on the ground in Iraq.

3. the security and intelligence operations that were produced by daily follow-up operations to correspondence and meetings of the group’s leaders proved by sight and seen that these leaders suffer from the states of defeat and anxiety and to acknowledge the ongoing loss in the sectors of the military operations and this is evident through the correspondence that has been followed up on the ground ,by which they acknowledge to their supporters that they will lose (Mosul and Al-Raqqah ) and this confirms the fact and the seriousness of the activities and the air strikes and special operations carried out by the international coalition forces.

4. in order to prove their solidity, strength and persistence of the group’s leaders, they have begun to directing their fighters and their sleeper cells of terrorist to increase their attacks outside Iraq and Syria because of the losses which they are exposed to it and that prompted the organization to carry out a number of attacks and assaults that took place in (France, Germany, Turkey and Bangladesh).

5. To acknowledge of the inevitability of the victory over ISIL and stop the march and extend, and thwart its intentions using the US joint force stationed on the European territory to follow-up and hit the nests of cells of the organization in some of the targeted European countries.

6. increasing the air strikes and special operations targeting the group’s leaders in Iraq and Syria noting that the Iraqi field witnessed the killing of more than (17) leader of the group’s leaders in the city of Mosul and its suburbs and the district of Sharqat of the province of Salahuddin during the months (July and August) of 2016 and the most prominent of them was (Abu Omar Chechen).

7. US raids were able to targeting and killing of (Omar Khalifa) who was one of the most important leaders in the field of the organization state existed in the city (Sirte), Libya in the month of July 2016, as the Egyptian armed forces directed a painful air strike to the fighters of the state regulation in the area of El Arish in the third of August in 2016 led to the deaths of 45 militants, including (Abu Duaa Ansari) , the governor of the Egyptian Sinai city.

8. the continuity to provide support and military logistics for US allies to confront the organization and achieve security and stability in Iraq and the escalation of the rates of the confrontation in the Syrian city (Al-raqqah) to inflict the final defeat to the organization.

9.the security and intelligence services of the United States of America is working around the clock to guard against any possible attacks and in recent statistics they have been implemented (14) thousand sorties against the group’s leaders and fighters since the beginning of the military operations in August 2016.

The United States is working hard to prove its existence and its power and its control and hegemony on the military field and strengthen the solidarity and cooperation with its European allies in determining the paths of political and military conflict in the Middle East, will we see in the coming months what ends the strategy of ISIL and its field role in Iraq and Syria to move to a new phase of field and military presence in the states and capitals of North Africa and its geographic extensions through the center of the continent of Africa ???

The unity of the Iraqi Studies.

Rawabet Research and Strategic Studies Center

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