According to Reuters media agency, a commander of Iraq’s counter-terrorism service says a joint offensive in Fallujah has killed 2, 500 ISIL insurgents.

A pall of smoke hung over the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Monday, days after the military took it back from ISIL fighters. The U.S-backed offensive’s taken four weeks. One Iraqi general commanding the country’s counter-terrorism service says 2,500 ISIL insurgents have been killed. The fighting has also taken a heavy toll on the city’s civilian population.

The media agency added that more than 82, 000 have fled since the campaign began and the United Nations says another 25, 000 more are likely to be on the move. Iraqi forces re-took control of Fallujah’s hospital on Saturday. There were no patients inside. The task now is to make sure the building, and many other parts of the city, are clear of booby traps. The involvement of Shi’ite militias in the fighting alongside the Iraqi army has also raised fears of sectarian killings. Arrests have already been made over allegations of fleeing Sunnis being executed by militia members.

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